Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On the Road Again (part 2)

The chemistry symposium Tom attended started on Monday morning and ran for three days. While he was attending lectures, I hung out with my friend Sara, whose husband David was also attending the symposium. (They used to live in Cincinnati but now live in Battle Creek, Michigan, and we hadn't seen them in a long time. It was so nice to be able to spend time together.)

On Monday, Sara and I went to the Crate and Barrel outlet store. It seemed to take forever to get there. The navigation system on Sara's phone had us getting off and on the NJ turnpike three times. We would go a couple of miles, and it would have us get off, and then before we knew it we were getting back on the turnpike. I felt like we were going around in circles, and I even began to wonder if we were on Candid Camera. Once we finally got to the store, we both found some treasures. I used my phone to get us back to our hotel, and it had us on the turnpike only one time versus the three times we were on it before. 

That evening we had dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant, Luca's. Here we are with David and Sara and Larry. David and Larry were speakers during Tom's award session. There were supposed to be four speakers (including Tom), but, sadly, one had to cancel due to illness.

Several years ago I discovered that Larry (seated next to Tom) and I are distantly related (8th cousins) through my mother's side of the family. Can you imagine my surprise to learn that I'm related to one of Tom's colleagues? It's truly a small world after all.

Look at Tom's yummy dinner. Those are figs on top of a very thick pork chop. I wish I had taken some more photos.

Tom's award session was Tuesday morning. Here he is with the plaque he was given. It's a good thing we drove, because it is quite heavy.

Several people have asked about the award. It was for his work in chemical separations. I think this article describes it the best.

After Tom's talk, Sara and I headed off for a day of antiquing in Lambertville. We found a huge antique shop!!

On Wednesday, Sara and I decided to take the train into NYC. We were each meeting friends for lunch at Grand Central Station. The train went only as far as Penn Station. We decided that since the weather was pretty nice and we wanted to see the city that we would walk from there to Grand Central Station.

Along the way, we stopped at a wonderful ribbon and trim shop. Although we saw lots of beautiful things, neither of us bought anything. I think we were both overwhelmed.

Then it was time to meet our friends for lunch. Sara was meeting a childhood friend. They were neighbors growing up in Virginia. I was meeting Margaret C., who many of you may know either in person or from her blog, Days of a Sampler Lover. Margaret and I have corresponded over the years, but we had never met in person until Wednesday. How much fun it was to meet her at long last!! (Thanks, Margaret, for coming into the city to have lunch with me. It was a thrill to meet you.)

After lunch, Sara and I went shopping. Little did we dream that we would be offered champagne at Lord and Taylor as were leaving to meet our husbands for dinner in the "Big Apple".

Thursday was our final day in the area, so the four of us went to the Morven Museum in Princeton to see the New Jersey sampler exhibit. I'll tell you about that in my next blog post....so until then...

Monday, November 24, 2014

On The Road Again

Since I last updated my blog we have been on the road to New Jersey/New York. The purpose of our trip was for Tom to attend the Eastern Analytical Symposium in Somerset, New Jersey where he received an award for his work in chemical separations.
I have lots of photos to share of Tom's award and of several nearby museums and other fun things. I'm going to split these photos into three posts and show them in chronological order.

We took a leisurely drive from Cincinnati to Somerset and arrived early afternoon a week ago Sunday. We decided to spend the afternoon at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. (Doylestown is so charming, and I would love to go back to truly explore it.)

Henry Mercer began his collection of mostly pre-1850 American artifacts more than 100 years ago. These objects were rapidly being displaced by cheaper machine-made goods in the late 19th century. Mercer built the museum in 1916 to house his collection, which today consists of about 40,000 items. The building was quite cold on the inside because the museum has decided that having neither heat not air conditioning would be best for the artifacts. (We had left our coats in the car and had to go back to get them.)

There were lots of items hanging everywhere....including lots of chairs from the ceiling. (Unfortunately the chairs didn't show up very well in the photos.) Here are some photos I thought you would enjoy.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Rearranging a Sampler Wall

I just realized that I never showed you Hannah Pepper once she was framed, so here she is. I love the frame! (Please excuse the glare on the glass and also the color of the linen.  The linen is not as yellow as it appears in the first photo.)

Hannah Pepper was published in the magazine Fine Lines and was never published separately as a chart. Occasionally issues of the magazines appear for sale at on-line auctions.

Whenever I bring a "new" sampler home, it's always a challenge to find a place to hang it. I love Hannah so much that I made some changes to one of the sampler walls in my family room so that I could see her when I stitch on my love seat.

Here is the previous arrangement.

My Three Things Sampler (third from the left on the bottom row) is now hanging in my downstairs half-bath along with Mary Victor, Rachel Hyde, Rachel Ellis, Rachel Allen, Lucy Adams, and a few contemporary samplers. I hadn't realized until recently that there are three "Rachel" samplers in a fairly small room.

I have been spending my early morning stitching time with Frances Eden (Handwork). I love working on her and find myself having a hard time putting her away until the next morning. Here is my progress as of yesterday.  

Sadly, Frances Eden is also an out-of-print chart since the designer resigned a few years ago. Please excuse the poor color....the actual piece is yellower than it appears in the photo. The linen is the same linen that I used on Hannah Pepper (shown above).

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spending Time with the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild

It is hard to believe that it has been a week since I was with members of the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild  in Novi, Michigan! What a delightful and talented group! The guild is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. 

I taught two classes in a wonderful old building in a local park.  

Saturday's class was A Lady's Worke Box

The next photos were taken late in the day when I was demonstrating the assembly process. (That explains why everyone looks so intent.)

I took most of my three-dimensional models, and here are some of them.  I think everyone enjoyed seeing the items in person.  A photo never has the same impact.

Sunday's class was the premier of my newest teaching project, Kindred Spirits

Out of the 31people in the class, there were three ladies who have now been in nine of my ten classes (all but a Sampler Needlebook). There were a few more who have been in eight of my classes. I'm always very pleased when someone decides to take multiple classes.  

Everyone seemed very pleased with their divided carrier. They particularly liked the size....it is larger than they had expected (even though I had given them the carrier dimensions) and therefore much more usable.

In class, we worked on two sides of the pin cube. Look at how much Amy got accomplished!  She certainly has turbo needles!!

Here are a few photos taken at the end of the day as I was demonstrating the assembly process.

Thank you to everyone who came to the classes, and special thanks to Lynn and Nancy who did so much to make the classes so enjoyable for all, myself included.

As I was leaving, Jane handed me a wonderful set of project bags that she had made. I love them, and they will come in so handy on my next trip.  Thank you, Jane!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Long Time, No See!

I'm sorry that it has been so long since my last blog post.  Time has certainly been flying by.

Over most of the past couple of weeks I have been preparing for my two classes this weekend at the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild--packing kits and working on lesson preps.

Most mornings I try to get in a little bit of stitching before starting my "work day".  A couple of weeks ago I completed Rebeckah Roundey. After having stitched the border, I found a photo of the antique sampler on-line and discovered that there were a fair number of discrepancies between the chart and the photo of the antique.  I tried to make as many changes as I could by just looking at the photo. My version is certainly unique. It is by no means an accurate reproduction. I consider it to be an adaptation of the original Rebeckah Roundey. I hope to take Rebeckah to be framed next week with I pick up Hannah Lancaster.  (The chart for Rebeckah Roundey is OOP.)  These photos were taken with my phone, so hopefully I can take better ones using a real camera once Rebeckah is framed.

Next up is Frances Eden (also an OOP chart). I am loving every minute with her and have a hard time putting her away when it's time for me to stop for the day. Again the color in my photos is not particularly good.

A couple of weeks ago we joined out son, daughter-in-law, and grandson at a nearby park for Halloween festivities geared towards young children.

Among other things we all took a hayride.  Here are Stephen, Michelle, and Garrett waiting in anxious anticipation.

And last but not least here are the boys in their costumes.

Haiden had Trick-or-Treat last night in Columbus.  He is big into sports and being in a college town, it was no surprise that he chose to be an Ohio State football player.

Garrett will be going out tonight as Batman.  (In case you're wondering, that is a lollipop in his mouth.)  It is supposed to be quite cold here so most children will be bundled up with coats over their cute costumes.

Check out my teaching schedule in the sidebar on the left side of this page.  I have just added October 2015 dates with the Northwest Sampler Guild  in Seattle, Washington.  I taught for them a few years ago at a retreat, and I'm looking forward to returning to teach two more classes.